In 2015, the UK Gambling Commission started a consultation of the Remote Gambling and Software Technical Standards and the results found that several changes needed to be made. The UKGC has now proposed revisions to the RTS and are asking stakeholders in the industry for input. The changes would include technical standards as well as online gambling software.

As part of the changes, a proposed requirement has been made for in-play betting software to provide customers with the option to choose if they will automatically accept price fluctuations that occur once the wager is placed. The option would have to be provided in the account settings or on the betting slip. Operators of such gaming will need to provide the information to make sure that consumers are aware of their options.

Integrity issues are also on the table with a proposal being considered to create new rules in regards to confiscated funds of players. The UKGC believes that players are not currently informed correctly as to what will happen to confiscated funds. The UKGC would like to see operators provide a description, brief in nature, of the confiscated funds policy. The UKGC does recognize that there are integrity issues and they are complex and the policy does not need to cover every scenario but highlight the main aspects.

The UKGC also wants to see operators displaying the permitted third-party software options on the sites so consumers can see what software can be used against them. Operators will need to send reminders via email on a periodic basis to include the key features of such software policies. When certain types of third party software are present, the operator will need to implement measures to ensure the software is not used.

Live dealer casinos also have new guidelines with operators not having to go through an audit by the UKGC if they have already been audited by a respected licensing jurisdiction. If an audit has not taken place, operators will need to submit to a test house that has been approved by the UKGC and continue with annual testing.

Operators may also be subject to changes involving problem gambling behavior. Customers are to be permitted to create limits financially with their accounts. Presently, this can be done on individual products. If there are limits on separate products, then operators have to be clear that the limits must be set on each game by the player. If limits are set on deposits of a daily or weekly basis, the lower amount should be the one considered. For an example, if a daily limit is set at 20 and a weekly limit at 200 then the daily limit is what will be looked at, with only 140 allowed to be deposited each week.

Even more areas are under review by the UKGC in regards to gaming standards and technology. The full report can be read here, which includes all proposed changes.