The 2020 Unibet UK Poker tour London Main Event is in full swing, hosted by Aspers Casino, with players paying the £220 buy-in to compete. The festival has been a big draw for players, so much so that a record was set for day 1b and the entire tournament once it was all said and done. A total of 197 players took place in day 1b in the hopes of earning a spot to day 2. When it was all over, a total of 714 players registered to compete in the tournament, setting an overall new record for the festival’s main event by way of player numbers and prize pool generated.

Details of the Turnout:

The previous record for the Main Event of the festival was set in 2018 when 289 players competed. During that event, a prize pool of £57,800 was generated. This time around, a much larger prize pool of £141,372 was created.

From day 1a, the chip lead was James Mitchell but he has been outdone by Saulius Rimgaila and David Rudling as they have massive chip stacks of 652,000 and 638,000 after competing in day 1b. Players were vying for the top spot going into the final day to have a chip advantage in the poker event that hopefully helped to secure a spot at the final table.

According to the source

When the final day would begin, 119 players would return to the felt. Only 80 of that number would earn a payout. Eventually, the event would play down to the final table and soon, only two would remain; Lawrence Cullen and Callum Pooles.

The Main Event was the first large live tournament at a casino for Pooles and he held the chip lead going into the heads-up round. He was playing aggressively and was out to win. However, his 4 to 1 chip lead would not last long. Cullen would soon double up with King-4 and eventually gain a small lead.

After gaining the lead, Cullen would flop a flush and call a bet from Poole. He eventually snap-called Poole pushed in, hoping for a king or jack on the river to earn a full house. It did not come, and he was outed in 2nd place, giving Cullen the first-place finish. The crowd at Aspers Casino erupted as Cullen claimed the win.

Final Table Results:

Place Player Prize
First Lawrence Cullen £25,500
Second Callum Pooles £18,319
Third Damien Pilkington-Lewis £12,200
Fourth Micahel Isguzo £8,800
Fifth Bartas Samoska £6,500
Sixth Valentin Ghioca £5,250
Seventh Martin Tse £4,350
Eighth Mark Wong £3,480
Ninth Vlad Munteanu £2,610