Barney Frank, Democrat from Massachusetts, has been a highly vocal opponent of the UIGEA from the time it was being discussed in the legislature. He has been creating proposals and rallying support to overturn the highly unpopular 2006 act ever since it was passed when hidden in a unrelated bill. He has vociferously voiced his opinion that UIGEA is one of the most stupid laws ever passed.

At the World Series of Poker Main Event, Frank issued the traditional “Shuffle up and deal” to kick things off. Afterwards, he addressed the media on the topic of legalizing online gambling. He views online gambling as a right that the American people should have and favors regulation rather than banning.

He currently has two bills still being reviewed by the House Financial Services Committee. One is an attempt to delay enforcement of the UIGEA for a year while the other focuses on only one aspect of online gambling (poker). The poker proposal has the highest chance of being passed as it has picked up a number of new sponsors in recent weeks.