The National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) has released the 2018 casino revenue totals for tribal casinos in the United States. The year was a record-setting one for the 520 tribal casinos in the nation as $33.7bn was recorded. This was a 4.1% increase from the 2017 fiscal year.

The Numbers:

The 2018 fiscal year was the highest-ever in Indian gaming history. In the US, a total of 29 states offer tribal casinos, operated by 247 tribes. This year, all the administrative regions of the NIGC saw positive growth during the fiscal year.

The highest growth was seen in the Portland region with an over 8% increase. The Oklahoma City Region was not far behind with 7.3% growth.

According to a recent press release

Kathryn Isom-Claus, the Vice Chair of theCommission, commented on the totals process by stating: “The GGR calculation process is an example of the partnership between tribes and the NIGC to ensure effective regulation for a successful tribal gaming industry. These numbers reaffirm the industry’s health as a stable economic driver for Indian Country.”

The Commission:

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was enacted in the United States in October 1988 and led the way to the creation of the NIGC. The commission supports the self-sufficiency of tribes in the US as well as the integrity of Indian gaming and is dedicated to compliance with the Act in order to ensure integrity of the growing industry.

After the recent fiscal year totals were released, Commissioner Simermeyer, commented that the numbers reflect how the collaboration among the tribes, industry and regulatory communities have the ability to build a strong reputation for reliability and integrity in the GGR calculation.