A new form of fantasy football wagering has launched in the state of Nevada that has government officials in Pennsylvania taking notice. Lawmakers of the state continue to discuss how the daily fantasy sports betting industry should be regulated and this new option is being watched closely. USFantasy is an operator of daily fantasy sports who created a new form of wagering based on pari-mutuel style gambling that recently launched in Nevada.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board approved the new gaming option three months ago and USFantasy is finally offering the gaming in the state. The new option is different from the usual DFS contest as this product is based on the betting style of pari-mutuel races. Similar wagering options found in dog and horse racing are tied to the NFL to create this new product offering.

George Dunbar is a Representative of Pennsylvania who has said that lawmakers will be monitoring the DFS operator and how the activity is received. If the contests are successful, then the type of gaming could be on the table later on this year, according to Dunbar. Dunbar reportedly met with officials of USFantasy Sports as the company pitched their gaming platform and explained how the contests could work in the state.

Dunbar is on the House Gaming Oversight Committee who stated that he is curious to see how the wagering option does in Nevada as he compares the contests to DFS on steroids. The Representative stated that if casinos in his state want a gaming option like this, he would not be opposed to it.

USFantasy Sports Chief Executive Officer, Bob Kocienski, stated recently that all the ingredients are there for the activity to be a smashing success. The CEO said to compare the activity to a horse race and just switch the horses out with professional athletes.

Dunbar has been steadily trying to see regulations for DFS put in place within the laws of Pennsylvania, tying the activity to the 12 casinos in the state. There is a bill currently on the table for DFS regulations that is awaiting approval, the legislation does not include the pari-mutuel type of wagering.

The representative now has plans to meet with Representative John Payne to discuss including USFantasy Sports and talk about how the activity could work for the state.