Just yesterday, a sign was added to the front door of the Victory II Casino of Jacksonville, Florida that stated the ship was docked due to safety concerns. After an inspection by the Coast Guard, it was determined that the ship was not safe for passengers to board.

The Coast Guard forcibly docked the ship and posted the sign which reads that the ship is not sailing presently. The casino ship would normally offer multiple trips each day from the Mayport for gamblers to enjoy. The ship can hold as many as 600 individuals and cruises into international waters which allows the gambling to take place legally.

After receiving an anonymous tip from a passenger of the Victory II, the Coast Guard visited the ship for an inspection. During the inspection, the Coast Guard discovered the ship was in violation of multiple safety issues with some concerning the mechanical equipment for operation. The ship was then sent back to the dock and was deemed unfit for passengers until the issues were repaired.

Captain Tim Levensaler commented on the issues, showing concern that an individual with technicial knowledge was able to discover the issue and choose to report the problem with the USCG instead of the Technical Manger of the ship or the Captain himself. Levensaler stated the tipster jeopardized the safety of himself and all involved due to his actions.

The cruise line stated they were not aware of any issues with het ship and did not give any specifics as to what led to the violations. Any passenger who had paid for tickets was reimbursed and given a complimentary trip for the future due to the shutdown.