The much-anticipated 2020 Aussie Millions Main Event has come to an end and it was Vincent Wan who took home the coveted first place prize. The final day would take 15 hours to complete and 414 hands before Wan would be named the victor.

Three-Handed Deal:

Once the tournament narrowed down to the final three, Gareth Pepper, Wan and Ngoc Tai Hoang, the three would discuss a deal. Eventually, an agreement would be decided upon with Hoang earning A$1,318,000, as well as Wan. Both were close in chips, but Hoang had just over 10.5 million while Wan held just over 9.8 million. Pepper would be guaranteed A$1 million with his 4.2 million chip stack.

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Once the deal was cut, Pepper was soon eliminated in 3rd place. Wan and Hoang would then face off in heads up play. This round would last over four and a half hours before Wan would claim the first-place win.

Wan was able to win three showdowns back to back and gain the lead in the end to close out the poker tournament at close to four in the morning. Both players were beyond tired, and the final hand would go down with Wan winning with 10-9 against Hoang’s A-3.

Final Table Results:

Place Player Prize
First Vincent Wan A$1,318,000 (deal)
Second Ngoc Tail Hoang A$1,318,000 (deal)
Third Gareth Pepper A$1,000,000 (deal)
Fourth Nino Ullmann A$480,160
Fifth Erik Seidel A$378,660
Sixth Oliver Weis A$307,820
Seventh Nicolas Malo A$240,080

The 2020 Aussie Millions has been a success, with the series kicking off earlier this month at the Crown Melbourne. The festival included 23 championship events with the best of the best on hand to try and claim a first-place win in at least one event.