Neptune Guangdong Group and David Group are two of the largest junket operators in Macau. They announced their intention to scale back on their VIP operations due to a slump, according to Business Daily. The news site cited Lei Kuok Keong, the president of Forefront of Macau Gaming, the local gaming union as their source.

David Group has a plan to close two VIP rooms, which will make five total closures for the junket operator for the year. Workers have been informed during a recent meeting of the closures. At this time Lei could not confirm which two VIP rooms will be shut down at the end of June, 2015. Lei stated the operators typically give formal written notice in the middle of the month when they intend on stopping operations at the end of that same month.

Neptune Guangdong Group will terminate 300 employee positions, but will not have a full closure of their operations.

Century VIP Club located in the City of Dreams stated it will close its business at the end of June, which could force 60 employees to be out of work.

Forefront of Macau Gaming estimates half the VIP rooms of Macau have closed since Christmas 2014, particularly, the smaller locations, which has affected close to 3,000 employees in the casino industry.


Update 6/11/2015: Neptune Guangdong Group denies layoffs

Update 6/12/2015: Junket operator David Group denies closures, layoff plans