On Monday, Senator Linda Greenstein of New Jersey, along with Senator Bob Smith and Christopher Bateman, introduced amendment SCR173, seeking a casino to be placed in north Jersey as well as central Jersey. Middlesex County lawmakers are now showing their support of the proposed amendment to the state constitution, to bring gaming to the central portion of the state.

Just yesterday, assembly members and senators met in Metuchen to show their support for the new measure. Greenstein stated that 10 democratic lawmakers came together to show they are in favor of the proposed bill. Greenstein stated that the lawmakers are trying to make their voices heard and bring gaming to additional areas of the state.

Atlantic City is currently the only city within the state of New Jersey that allows casino gaming to take place. Just last week, three lawmakers of the state proposed an amendment to the constitution to permit three casinos to be constructed in Hudson, Bergen and Essex counties.

To be able to see the measure move forward, voter approval is required. For the question to be placed on the ballot in 2015, each house of Legislature will have to approve the bill by a 3/5 majority by the 3rd of August.

Despite the push for casino gaming in other areas of the state, Senate President Stephen Sweeney has not been supportive of placing the measure on the ballot for this year. As additional measures have been proposed, it is becoming harder to get the number of those in agreement needed to move the measure forward.

The text of the central Jersey proposed amendment has not been made readily available but potential sites for a new casino include Middlesex, Monmouth, Cercer, Huterdon and Somerset Counties.