The World Poker Tour Barcelona Main Event has finished up with Vitalijs Zavorotnijs earning the first-place win. A total of 1,227 poker players entered in the event, paying the €3,300 buy-in to take part. With the win, Zavorotnijs earned the title, €600,000 in prize money and a seat to the Baccarat Crystal WP Tournament of Champions!

Event Details:

The Casino Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain played host to the World Poker Tour event. Taking place from March 11th to the 17th, players would have several days of action before the winner would be crowned. On the fifth day, six players would return to the felt to compete for one of the largest portions of the €3.6 million prize pool.

In the end it would be Zavorotnijs who hails from Latvia taking on Boris Kolev of Bulgaria in heads-up play to determine the winner. Heads-up play would not last long before Zavorotnijs would claim his victory.

According to WPT…

It would take only three hands of heads-up play to see Zavorotnijs earn the win. On the final hand, Zavorotnijs would raise with king-nine suited with 425,000. Kolev would three-bet to 1.7 million with an ace-queen offsuit. He would waste no time and call.

The flop showed a queen-jack-four and gave Zavorotnijis the gutshot straight draw while Kolev held top pair. With the seven of spaces on the turn, Kolev would push all-in with 5.7 million. Zavorotnijs would eventually call. The turn had given Zavorotnijis a flush draw and with the right card on the river, the flush would be seen and Kolev would have to settle for second place.

Final Results of WPT Barcelona Main Event:

Place Player Finish
First Vitalijs Zavorotnijs €600,000
Second Boris Kolev €375,000
Third Eric Sfez €281,570
Fourth Niko Koop €215,000
Fifth Jerry Odeen €160,000
Sixth Alain Zeidan €€120,000