The construction of Wynn’s $1.7 billion Massachusetts casino project may be delayed due to waterfront permit hurdles the project is facing. Over the next several days, Everett Casino should get the long-awaited permit to start construction along the Mystic River; nevertheless, those that have any objections can state their opinion until the 12th of February and cause headaches for the operator.

When the Department of Environmental Protection approved Wynn’s request to commence the construction process, it was highlighted that the operator had to meet “Chapter 91” building standards. Among the other clauses, the chapter states that the deadline for objecting the decision is, in fact, next Friday.

Locals and residents of Charleston found the lack of information baffling. Ivey St. John was one of those to express dissatisfaction of not being notified of the important end date. According to him, this was yet another sign providing lack of transparency about the Everett casino project. St. John, additionally, blamed casino representatives for not informing the community about the negative impact the area would suffer during the construction process.

The Department of Environmental Protection spokesperson was asked to comment on the situation. The explanation given was that the agency didn’t have an obligation to either notify interested parties or post decisions online.

Even though so far there haven’t been any appeals filed, that doesn’t exclude the possibility to see the decision challenged before the deadline. In case a group of 10 people, out of whom five have to be locals, raises an objection that authorities would take into consideration, Wynn Resorts licence acquisition may have to wait additional six to twelve months.

Aside from the waterfront permit, Wynn has to finalise the “Section 61 Findings” in order to get green light from state agencies. Michael Weaver, a Wynn spokesman, expressed hopes that the operator would manage to acquire all permits and finish Everett casino in time.