Parliamentarians in Ukraine and have reportedly approved a measure that may soon see the eastern European nation legalize a wide range of gambling activities including those conducted online and via mobile devices.

According to a report from, the legislation known as 2285-D passed through the country’s 424-seat unicameral parliament by a vote of 248 to 95 and is now due to be put before President Volodymyr Zelensky (pictured) for his required approval.

Pertinent particulars:

Land-based and much online casino gambling are currently prohibited in Ukraine but the 42-year-old President’s consent would reportedly legalize both although the former would only be permitted inside upmarket hotels following the payment of an around $4.5 million licensing fee for properties located in Kiev or approximately $2.6 million with regards to those situated elsewhere. The source detailed that the measure would moreover allow iGaming operators to obtain similar five-year licenses after paying a duty of about $1.1 million with the rate for bookmakers standing at roughly $2.6 million.

Player precautions:

It was further reported that the version of 2285-D set to go before Zelensky would also establish who would be permitted to own and operate land-based casinos or supply such establishments with games. As such and the legislation purportedly contains a prohibition against anyone that resides in ‘an occupying or aggressor state’, which is widely thought to be an attempt to bar interests from neighboring Russia.

Duty deliberations:

Should the President approve the proposed legislation, the government will be required to establish a commission to oversee such businesses and establish a new set of associated tax laws. Regarding this latter aspect and the source explained that there are currently five differing proposals that could see the eventual duty on online gambling operations stand anywhere from a high of 25% of gross gaming revenues down to a more reasonable 10%.