Wild Crypto (SYMBOL: WILD) have developed a lottery and eGaming platform on the Ethereum blockchain and have announced a new coin, much like Bitcoin, they intend to use to fuel the technology’s completion and deployment. These coins will not be available until September 5th when they plan to offer them in a similar fashion to an initial public offering of stock.

The company plans to raise 15,000 Ether tokens, the cryptocurrency that resides and trades on the Ethereum blockchain – worth about $5 million in US Dollars via their initial coin offering (ICO). Investors will be offered WILD Tokens at what the company says will be a discounted rate of 2000:1 – 2000 WILD Tokens to 1 Ether.

Once the platform is launched, the exchange rate against Ether is said to be 100:1 which would give speculators the potential to increase their investments twenty-fold.

Initial coin offerings are basically a crowd funding process and the results are wildly speculative. According to the company’s statement on CoinSchedule, a portal used for such offers: “The Wild Crypto platform will allow its users a fully anonymous & international Lottery & eGaming platform, built upon blockchain technology. Our goal is to create a platform that is 100% decentralised and honest, publishing the results to the blockchain.”

When you read or hear the term, “Blockchain” most people associate it with Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin simply operates on a blockchain and other cryptocurrencies operate on separate blockchains. The Ethereum Wallet operates on the Ethereum blockchain as will the platform Wild Crypto launches if they are successful. One major difference between the Bitcoin Blockchain and Ethereum is that Ethereum allows for complete virtual software applications to be written into platforms on the decentralized chain, whereas Bitcoin functions mainly as a ledger and not much more.

In a press release Tuesday, Wild Crypto stated that their international lottery and eGaming platform, which would use WILD as a gaming currency, is revolutionary and disruptive – two words often used to describe any tech built on blockchain technology. Any stand alone computer program working in a decentralized environment is indeed revolutionary. The Ethereum blockchain, written in C++‎, ‎Go‎, and ‎Rust was only released about two years ago and competes with other techs such as Universa and Bitcoin blockchains as investors and others jockey to position their favored pathways.

The developers say that their platform is 95% complete and is designed to disrupt lottery and associated gaming markets worth some $260 billion. According to the release which cites the World Lottery Association, only 4% of all lottery transactions occur online.

Wild Crypto’s plan is to change those numbers by giving players access to results that are published to the blockchain (written in stone so to speak) giving them greater confidence in the results. Players would also be able to cash out their winnings to Ether Tokens or to a Bitcoin backed debit card for instant access to any sized winnings.

Those familiar with tech developers in the realm may recognize the name of founder Frank Pira. The development team also includes Twelve40 CEO Andrew Jarrett and Qi Group CEO Kiri Cavill, according to the release.

Twelve40 is a regulated lottery specialist who supplies the new platform with certified backend game technology that is expected to be the first of its kind to be regulated via Jersey (Channel Islands) and Curacao licenses.

Wild Crypto founder Frank Pira said: “Using the ethereum blockchain to build a next generation lottery and gaming platform has the potential to revolutionize this industry, so we are thrilled to announce an ICO to bring Wild Crypto to market.

“Wild Crypto is backed by a world-class team of gaming and blockchain experts, and we already have the technology, the regulatory approvals and the payment systems in place.

“This ICO will enable us to raise the funds to deliver on our promise, while those who subscribe will enjoy a huge discount on the WILD Tokens that will be used on the platform,” as stated in the media release.

Wild Crypto has published a white paper outlining how they see their product disrupting the gaming sector. The company plans to increase the already staggering $260 billion market by focusing on mobile apps for an 18-45 demographic. They intend to offer never before seen odds and eliminate bureaucratic overhead while offering a seamless, decentralized lottery using their ethereum-based WILD Token.

Mor information about the technology as well as the ICO can be found at https://wildcrypto.com/.