Woodlands dog and horse race track is closing come August 24th. Kansas Racing which operated the track made the announcement and sent letters to the workers. The track had been negotiating to add 800 slots to the track but could not see a way to make it work under current law. Right now the law is set up to grant forty percent of revenue to the state, twenty-five percent to the track, twenty percent to local government and various funds for animals and those with gambling problems and the last fifteen percent is negotiable. The state was willing to give the fifteen percent to the Woodlands, bringing the tracks share to forty percent but they still don’t think they would be able to met operating costs and make a profit.

The Woodlands is just the most recent racing closure in the state, with Wichita Greyhound Park closing last year after voters rejected a proposal for slots there and Camptown Greyhound Park broke off negotiations earlier this year and has been closed since 2000. Many of the tracks have been struggling since the Missouri riverboat casinos opened in 1994. Diversifying gambling opportunities is one of the last resorts to keep these venues open.