Central & South America Gaming

World Casino News covers LatAm and the Caribbean in this section. Articles about casinos in the North/Latin American country of Mexico can be found here. Look for news about the big resorts or up and coming developments in Antigua and Barbuda, as well as any possible movement in the Brazilian regulatory scheme.

We also cover industry events such as SAGSE LATAM, new casino openings in Chile and Argentina, Colombian regulatory matters, and mergers & acquisitions country by country.

While reading any article in this section please feel free to click on the highlighted links in the story to explore the casinos of the region through our detailed reviews of every casino on the planet.

Money Laundering Probe by U.S. tied to gaming/Western Union says

A probe by the U.S. tied to possible money laundering is reviewing whether the Western Union Co. was aware of gaming transactions involving other nations, and if the firm had sufficient safeguards against such ...

Expert speakers on regulation and new markets to present at London’s C5 online gaming conference

February 1st, regulators and industry insiders will be sharing their expertise on the ever-evolving online gaming industry at the 6th Annual Regulatory Conference on International Online Gaming to be staged at ...

Online gambling consultation launched by Columbia

This week Colombia’s gambling regulator, Cojuegos, advised that three proposals had been drafted covering technical and regulatory requirements necessary for online gambling operations. Feedback of the document...