Everygame Poker has been quite busy as of late, offering players satellites for the WSOPC Caribbean which is set for St. Maarten later this year. The first round of satellites is over and online player SharkyKata is the first winner of the satellite competition. Another satellite series is now underway with another lucky player set to win a $4,500 prize package on February 6th.

Details of the First Win

SharkyKata is a 33-year-old player from Hungary who enjoys playing online poker tournaments at Everygame. He has been a member of the site for about two and a half years. In the final heads-up match of the satellite competition, SharkyKata was up against a Twitch streamer 2fit2fold. The round would end when SharkyKata earned a Full House to seal the deal.

On the final hand, SharkyKata held 4-2 of hearts while 2Fit2Fold held 2 of clubs and 8 of diamonds. The flop would fall 2-9-2 with both players checking the hand. A queen of diamonds on the turn saw 2Fit2Fold bet and SharkyKata would call.

The river brought 4 of clubs and 2Fit2Fold bet again. SharkyKata decided to go all-in and 2Fit2Fold called. 2Fit2Fold thought he had the hand with his 2s, but the full house gave SharkyKata the hand and the tournament win.

Second Round of Satellites

Step 1 of the second round of satellites is now live at the online gaming site. Players can compete in Step 1 through February 6. Several events take place each day, with players earning a seat to Step 2 if they win the event. The buy-in to Step 1 is $1 + $0.10.

Step 2 offers a seat to the final tournament and provides two satellites each day from now through February 6. The buy-in to this event is $11 + $1 and players can choose to buy in directly if they do not earn a seat from Step 1.

The Last Chance event will take place at 4:10 pm Eastern with two seats provided to the final tournament. This event also has a buy-in of $11 + $1. The final will run on February 6 at 6:00 pm Eastern and will see the $4,500 prize package to the WSOPC provided to the lucky winner.

The buy-in to the Final is $150 + $14, for those who don’t win a seat, and players are given 10,000 in starting chips. The event has 12-minute blinds and offers re-entry through the first 15 levels.

Players can start competing now in any of the Step 1 or Step 2 events. The winner of the upcoming final will be heading to St. Maarten to compete in the big WSOPC event!