Billionaire Steve Wynn and Wynn Resorts Chairman will be happy his casino empire is finally in the news for its business related issues instead of focusing on corporate matters involving his ex-wife Elaine Wynn. Wynn Resorts recently announced that its human resource department was gearing up for going on a massive hiring spree in the city of Everett, Massachusetts.

Wynn Everett is a mega casino in the city of Everett that is estimated to cost around $1.6 billion to get the doors open. Construction on the project is expected to start in the near future and in order to do so, Wynn Resorts will have to hire a large number of construction workers. The company will collaborate with the city of Everett to tap local construction talent and fill most of the positions so that the city of Everett will be the first to benefit.

Wynn Resorts has collaborated with 21 trade unions and met over 800 construction workers who wanted to work on the mega casino project. The casino is set to become one of the largest construction projects in the history of Massachusetts. The casino will be built on a 33 acre plot in Everett, just across from Boston, and will require around 4000 construction workers to complete construction of the casino. Wynn Resorts also expects to hire another 4000 permanent casino staff that will be responsible for the operations and management of the casino.

Construction can only start once Wynn clears up the former Monsanto Chemical site in Everett and gets the required approval to commence construction. The cleanup of the Monsanto Chemical site is expected to take a minimum of 6 months and construction will most likely start early 2016. The massive casino is expected to be completed only after a two year period and is scheduled to be opened to the public towards the end of 2018.

In a statement, Carlo DeMaria Jr, the Mayor of Everett said “Everybody in Everett and the Wynn organization just want to start building. A lot of us feel like we’re getting ready to build something for the Commonwealth that’s going to generate jobs and taxes and lots of great opportunities.”

Robert DeSalvio, the president of Wynn Everett stated that even though construction would start in 2016, the company wanted to make sure it has sufficient talent in the pipeline so that it can hire immediately and have no delays on construction.