American business magnate, Steve Wynn, along with Wynn Resorts, wants to help Boston’s subway system by giving it a $7 million plus revitalization.

It’s no coincidence that the subway passes near the Everett waterfront property where Wynn’s $1.7 billion resort casino is pending construction. Improvements totaling more than $7 million over a period of fifteen years to state transit authority for the Orange Line subway were proposed by Wynn Resorts.

According to a statement released Friday by both the state Department of Transportation and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), the payments will be allocated for increased service during the busiest times and will accommodate patrons who ordinarily wouldn’t use the service if not for the new casino. Although it’s not the first time private funds have been utilized for the transit system and various related projects, it isthe first time a private developer has subsidized the cost of the city’s subway operations.

Wynn Resorts commitment to local traffic improvements in Boston include approximately $76 million Wynn has already committed to as part of its casino license agreement, and now an additional $7.36 million. Rapidly developing areas such as Boston’s Sullivan Square, Somerville’s Assembly Square and Medford’s Wellington Circle are areas that will benefit from the transit improvements and additional money in addition to benefiting the area directly surrounding the future resort and casino, according to Robert DeSalvio, president of Wynn Everett. DeSalvio added, “The more trains we add, the more people will use public transportation for work and play, all while lowering the number of cars on the street.”

The 1,000 plus page environmental state filing submitted on July 15 ,includes paying the MBTA $410,188 in 2018 with a 2.5 percent increase every year after that for 15 years. An April 3 letter by Matthew Beaton, Massachusetts secretary of energy and environmental affairs, seeking a much needed environmental approval before breaking ground for the new casino was the catalyst for the filing.

Specifics of Beaton’s letter, among other things, seek a specific amount of compensation from Wynn for increased subway ridership expected to occur once the casino is opened. In response to the environmental and traffic impact from the casino, Wynn Resorts have filed over 10,000 pages to date with the state. Included are plans for decreasing the various impacts the project will have on the greater metropolitan area of the city.

If all the pieces fall into place the Everett gambling resort, expected to be the most lucrative gambling operation in the state, which will be located directly across the Mystic River (yes, the same one from the movie) from Boston, is anticipated by Wynn Resorts to be open by 2018.