17th November 2022 – Yggdrasil, Maltese provider of online gaming solutions, and UK-headquartered omnichannel supplier of gambling games and gambling machines Reflex Gaming have allied to offer the new slot Desperate Dawgs 2 GigaBlox™  with the biggest dog symbols now available to players in multiple jurisdictions.

Comprehensive game features:

The Desperate Dawgs 2 GigaBlox release does not seem desperate at all as far as slot features are concerned. On the opposite, the game is packed with comprehensive features, allowing players to get completely involved in the plot. The excitement is propelled by 6 reels and 40 pay lines available in the slot. The provider’s popular Game Engagement Mechanics (GEM) called GigaBlox utilizes huge 6×6 sized symbols to get players immersed in the story and thus justify the brand name suggesting irresistible player engagement.

However, the impeccable mechanics and giant symbols wrapping up the player in the setting are used as the tool to lead players to the heart of the matter, where they can avail of the three features to win up to 9,872 x their stake. These features are red, yellow, and green scatter symbols capable of increasing the winning potential through free spin rounds, especially when assisted by the Golden Bet facility.

Landing scatters to win up to 200x:

If the player lands six or more red scatter symbols,  Train Robber Bonus is triggered to reveal the contents of its wagons, such as Gold, Silver, or Notes. These wagons also contain a Dynamite symbol, which fill up several trails. Once these are complete, the doors of a safe are blown off to award up to 200x the stake.

Landing six or more yellow scatters will power up the Gunslinger feature. It fires gunshots at targets with different values assigned to them, while the bullets fired may multiply these values by up to 10x.

Expanding reels and paylines in bonus rounds:

Finally, when six or more green scatter symbols are landed, the Bad Boy Bonus is activated to award Free Spins rounds which are expanded by one row and 15 additional paylines by each win. Each new win is paid and also wins two additional Free Spins rounds.

Golden Bet facility can increase the player’s stake by 50% and more than double the odds to trigger bonuses.

Fun theme and high win potential:

Stuart McCarthy, Head of Product & Programs at Yggdrasil, commented:

“It’s been fantastic working alongside Reflex Gaming to herald the return of our favourite bad boys, the Desperate Dawgs! We’re confident that this quirky Western release featuring our popular GEM GigaBlox will be another big hit with players, offering a fun theme and high win potential.”

Mat Ingram, CPO at Reflex Gaming, confirmed :

“To date, Desperate Dawgs has been our most popular game with Yggdrasil. After breaking records during its opening weekend, we have high hopes for the sequel. Fans of the original Desperate Dawgs will love this, and we hope that it will also appeal to GigaBlox enthusiasts.”