Customers of GVC will soon have access to exclusive online slot gaming content thanks to the latest release by Yggdrasil. The brand recently announced their latest creation, Time Travel Tigers, an adventure video slot game created just for the members of GVC.

Launching Later This Month:

The new online slot game will launch later on in November, offering a 5-reel, 25-payline experience. The unique title features Dr. Tigerstein, a scientific genius and tiger who has used his smarts to create a time machine. The machine is used to take people on journeys in which you can be a part of.

Players of Time Travel Tigers will be able to visit Ancient Egypt, the Prehistoric era, Medieval Europe and other destinations. Players can even access an extra spins mode where they are taken into the distant future.

According to Yggdrasil…

Each time period featured in the game will offer players a different option when it comes to wild patterns, win multipliers and extra spins. Because each time period is different in what it offers, the experience will never the same.

Designing Something New:

Time Travel Tigers is certainly a new concept and Yggdrasil has included highly visual graphics and audio to enhance the gaming experience. The game is engaging, allowing players to feel as if they are really traveling through time and space.

Jonas Strandman, the Head of Slots for Yggdrasil, commented on the new release by stating: “We are delighted to have created this innovative game with GVC in an exclusive white label partnership. Time Travel Tiger’s offers an exciting and unique take on a themed slot, with a consistently transitioning setting.

“Being able to design highly creative games in a universe of our choosing is always great fun for the development team, and the work put in to create multiple worlds has been a fascinating challenge. We can’t wait to see how the game is received by GVC players across various brands.”