The Paiute Golf Resort in Las Vegas hosted the second annual World Series of Golf tournament May 12-15. This unique competition combines the skills of golfing with the high-stakes poker play of the popular Texas Hold’em betting format. With a $10,000 buy-in, some of the best poker professionals in the world participated in the innovative event. Celebrities like Alan Thicke and Ray Romano were also among the players this year. The event is played under standard USGA rules and participants must go through an accreditation process to verify their golf handicap, which ensures an even playing field with golfers competing against others of similar skill until the final round.

“The format is a completely new way to experience the game of golf,” said Terry Leiweke, president of the WSOG. “It demands skill on the links, betting savvy and nerves of steel. For any golfer who has ever said, ‘I’d bet anything that I can make this shot,’ now is his or her chance to prove it.” We aren’t going to reveal any details on the outcome of this year’s event because those who weren’t able to attend will be able to watch the broadcast on CBS Sports June 28-29.