Without electricity, the Revel Casino Hotel of Atlantic City has been subject to seasonal issues. In the summer months, the concern was that mold would take over the property or an airliner would crash into the tower, which was unlighted. Now with winter approaching, the property is subject to another fear, freezing pipes.

Polo North Country Club Inc., the company of Glenn Straub, purchased the Revel back in April and are now planning several options to heat the building, hoping to keep any pipe issues under control. Straub has guaranteed a December 15th date in which to get everything done.

The city is monitoring the situation as a pipe freezing problem could be imminent. The sprinkler system of the Revel is one that is wet, which means there is water in the pipes at all times. If the water were to freeze, ice could clog the pipes of the sprinkler and leave the building as a fire-trap. Making matters worse, the pipes could then bust and once thawed, any electrical equipment could be wet.

The option to drain the pipes is not available because if a fire were to break out, there would be no immediate solution. Water is required to meet the sprinkler head within one minute and there is no way to get that much water to that many floors within the time frame without the sprinkler system. In Atlantic City, property owners are required to keep buildings heated at 40 degrees minimum.

The heating system of the Revel is designed to operate via hot water that is piped in from a power plant across the street from the property. However, the Revel is not receiving the hot water it needs due to the court fight currently taking place between Polo North and ACR Energy Partners.

ACR is providing a limited amount of electricity to Polo North based on an order directed by the State Department of Community Affairs. Wallace Shields, a construction official of the city, stated that the property must have a 40 degree temperature which is something Straub is going to have to deal with. If an outlined plan is not produced soon, the city may place the property in violation.

In an interview just last week, Straub stated that there are options, including a 20 acre solar farm to be used at the Revel. Straub would install boilers and siphon steam from the former Showboat Casino Hotel, which is owned by Stockton University.