The 5th Annual Caribbean and Americas Gaming Regulation Forum 2017: Promoting Compliance, Regulation and Regional Cooperation will be held November 20 through 23 at Loews Miami Beach Hotel by The International Governance and Risk Institute (GovRisk) in partnership with BMM Testlabs.

The Caribbean and Americas Gaming Regulation Forum (CAGRF) is a unique regional event that will see operators, regulators, and suppliers sharing information about various regulatory changes affecting all stakeholders in the Caribbean and Americas. The sector is ever-changing and evolving, and with it, regulation and compliance must keep pace and anticipate the future in order to provide the regulatory framework and enforcement on key issues affecting everyone from consumers to payment providers.

The forum runs for three full days and will present a host of expert speakers drawing on their deep knowledge of the region’s challenges and opportunities to inform delegates about the latest developments in cybercrime and security, regulations, and gaming in the vast region.

Online and land-based operators, regulators, and suppliers will have a unique opportunity to get together at one of South Beach’s premier hotels and explore the changing landscape of the industry in-depth.

Important changes to the FATF Recommendations and other international standards will be discussed. The Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) arose from the Paris G-7 Summit of 1989 and the important guidance provided since the first Recommendations were issued in 1990 has protected the world’s banking system and financial institutions ever since.

Effective measures must be implemented and a recent round of country assessments has shown stakeholders that there is no single solution that is suitable for every entity. CAGRF aims to promote dialog that will foster cooperation among all and result in a balanced approach for each environment. The eventual culmination of the talks is hoped to bring about meaningful legislation, regulation, implementation, governance, surveillance, security and compliance that will serve all without over-stretching precious business and oversight resources.

While focusing on changes to those all-important standards, participants will also learn about innovative approaches that are currently working in public/private partnerships such as intelligence sharing, unique RegTech and FinTech products, and more. De-risking will be explored as will the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin along with the gambling industry’s fast-evolving gaming products.

While everyone involved in the gambling industry of the Caribbean and Americas is encouraged to attend this crucial annual event, if you occupy one or more of the following positions in another or multiple jurisdictions your attendance is invited and will be welcomed as well:

Casino Director, Floor Manager, or Online Gaming Operators
Gaming Regulator
Financial Intelligence Unit
Law Enforcement & Public Prosecutor
Tax & Revenue Authority
Law Firm, Accountancy Firm or Bank Servicing the Gaming Industry
Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO)
Compliance Officer
Supplier of Products & Services to the Gaming Industry

For more information about the Annual Caribbean and Americas Gaming Regulation Forum 2017 please visit GovRisk Registration is currently still available from that page.