According to local officials, four firefighters from the Los Angeles County department were wounded when a roof collapsed and they fell through at an unoccupied casino in Cudahy during a two alarm fire.

At 11:30 pm on Thursday, the fire was reported at the Club Caribe Casino in the 7600 block of Atlantic Avenue. When the crew arrived they were greeted with plumes of black smoke and flames that were cutting through the 3000 square foot building.

On the roof, four firefighters were cutting holes for ventilation. The roof caved in at about midnight; said Ed Pickett, the supervising fire dispatcher.

Three of the firefighters were overall ok, only suffering from cuts and bruises. At the scene they were treated for their injuries and were released. The fourth firefighter was not as lucky as he suffered burns and was taken to hospital.

The fire was extinguished at 2 am by the crew and it’s under investigation as to what caused the blaze.

In March, a firefighter from Fresno was critically injured when he too fell through the roof during a house fire. He dropped into a pit of flames as smoke and flames shot up through the hole where he had been.
The firefighter survived, but suffered burns to about 75% of his body.