Steven Jacobs, the former president of Sands Macau, is suing Sands China and Las Vegas Sands Corp. for wrongful termination. On Friday May 5, 2015 Las Vegas Sands Corp. Chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson was in court a second day providing testimony that should help a judge determine where the case should be heard; Macau or Las Vegas.

Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez wanted to know Adelson’s location when he came up with a list of reasons with another person to sack Jacobs – that answer would help the judge decide if she has jurisdiction over the case. Adelson claimed no memory of his location stating that he could have been at any of his homes in Southern California, Israel, Boston or Las Vegas, or even flying over the Pacific Ocean.

Adelson clashed several times with Jacobs’ attorney, James Pisanelli – at one point calling his questions abusive. The judge did not agree with Adelson’s assessment and had to remind one of the world’s richest men that he could not argue with her in her courtroom.

After searching for information for two days, the judge did not seem to have enough facts to make a jurisdictional determination at the end of business Friday, so Adelson will probably find himself on the stand again Monday morning.