Just days before the first slot parlor opens in Massachusetts, the American Gaming Association (AGA) has appointed former Boston police commissioner, Ed Davis to advise them on illegal gambling. The recently created board of five was formed to help law enforcement agencies develop strategies to stem the tide of illegal gambling.

In April the AGA announced they would be seeking partnerships with state Attorneys General to crack down on illegal gambling. The first week of June saw New Jersey regulators announcing that they consider any online casino marketed, but not licensed in the state to be an illegal enterprise and gave 150 days notice. It is yet to be seen whether Massachusetts will follow suit as three more full-scale casinos open in the state.

“There is a stark difference between legitimate industry…who are good community partners, and the bad actors who aren’t regulated and have no respect for the law,” Davis said, according to reports.

Davis comes to the board with recent consultation experience as well as seven years of experience handling the Boston Police force. He is known nationally for his role as Commissioner when the Bostom Marathon bombings occured. Previous to that position he served as superintendant of police for the city of Lowell, Massachusetts.

The new board met for the first time earlier this week in Washington, D.C. Other members of the board include former deputy director of the FBI, Tim Murphy and former Wisconsin State attorney general, U.S. attorney, and district attorney; J. B. Van Hollen.