A month after premiering a redesigned corporate logo and the AGames subsidiary of online casino games and software developer, Boss Gaming Solutions, has now launched its latest video slot in the 25-payline Vikings: Frozen Gods.

Scandinavian sojourn:

The Maltese developer used an official press release published by European Gaming Media and Events to declare that AGames’ latest three-row online video slot has been designed to take players on ‘an epic journey into gloomy and cold Scandinavian lands’ in order to present them ‘with numerous chances to get a big win.’

Intrepid icons:

The supplier is already responsible for such video slots as Angels vs Demons, Stellar and Atomic Mushrooms and its parent revealed that Vikings: Frozen Gods features symbols of four heroic Viking champions alongside representations of axes, swords and magic runes spinning on its five reels. It detailed that the title also comes complete with the Frozen Gods Meter advance offering double, treble, quintuple and decuple prize multipliers to competitors that may have made multiple unsuccessful wagers.

According to a statement from Boss Gaming Solutions…

“Such a bonus system makes it possible to be rewarded even when your bet isn’t successful and often allows players to earn even more than from a winning spin. However, progress on the Frozen Gods Meter disappears after a player obtains any winning spin or changes their bet.”

Loki levity:

Boss Gaming stated that Vikings: Frozen Gods moreover offers the Loki wild symbol, which is themed around ‘the most famous mythological trickster’. It proclaimed that this icon randomly moves around the reels after every spin and can substitute for any other symbol except a scatter to ‘be really profitable if appearing in the right place.’

The parent company continued…

“The best thing here is that numerous Loki wilds can appear on the reels simultaneously and it can even take a shape of any god on the Frozen Gods Meter to absorb their prey points.”

Bonus blast:

Finally, Boss explained that the new title additionally comes complete with a spins bonus game that can be triggered for up to 15 additional attempts by simultaneously amassing scatter symbols on reels three to five:

“As a player, you’ll be happy to know that no Frozen Gods Meter bonuses or Loki wilds are removed from this area during the free spins round. Moreover, a non-winning free spin increases the indicator on the Frozen Gods Meter while a winning free spin never resets it and lets the score grow, unlike in the main game.”