An Atlantic City redevelopment plan is looking to change at least one boardwalk casino into an indoor water park. The announcement was made July 22, 2015. The project plans include an 81,000 square foot water park and a second water park that will be 27,000 square feet. Endeavor Property Group wants to use the old Atlantic Club casino site for their 81,000 square feet park. The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) approved the preliminary and final project plan Monday in a board meeting. The CRDA is responsible for zoning and land regulation. The entire project being proposed for redevelopment may cost up to $165 million.

The Atlantic Club was one of four casinos to close in 2014. The change in Atlantic City gambling has created a push for non-gaming attractions to be added to the popular tourist town.

Endeavor representatives feel their project would help towards the revitalization of the city. The company’s attorney, Jason Sieminski, stated Wednesday that the group would not comment further on the project.

CRDA’s John Palmieri, the executive director, said the project is consistent with the master play to redevelop Atlantic City. The new activities like a water park helps to promote all types of entertainment that will help to increase tourism again.

There are also plans to renovate a hotel, open new bars and restaurants, as well as build a year-round café on the beach, and a new seasonable beach-located bar. Other plans include 58,000 square feet for a family entertainment center.