To protect players from gambling-related harm, the Belgian National Lottery has officially halted all forms of sports betting advertising throughout the occurring 2022 FIFA World Cup.

A policy to halt sports betting advertising:

The World Cup is usually a time when many people show interest in sports betting, meaning that protecting players and fighting gambling addiction should be a priority.

This is why Federal Finance Minister, Vincent Van Petegrem, aka minister in charge of the Belgian National Lottery, has officially decided to stop sports betting ads via radio, TV, and written press, beginning November 20th through December 18th.

On Sunday, in a press release, he said: “The National Lottery is taking a leading role in protecting players and fighting gambling addiction. At a World Cup, the sport and supporter experience should be central. 

“Advertising for sports betting should have no place in broadcasts or reports via television, radio and written press. The National Lottery is already setting a good example by not advertising its sports betting on these channels.”

A leading fighter against gambling addiction:

Also, he added: “A study by the Commission on the 2018 World Cup showed that half of the new registrations were first-time punters. 

“The National Lottery would continue to play a leading role in the fight against gambling addiction and channelling players towards safer gaming environments in the coming years. This will include low play and deposit limits, as well as sponsorship and advertising restrictions. Measures will be taken to this end, which I as the minister in charge of the National Lottery will soon propose to parliament in new policy letter.”


Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, the Belgian National Lottery was founded in 1934. It’s the largest lottery organization in Belgium and since July 16th, 2002, it has been a public joint-stock company.

The Belgian National Lottery is managed by a board of directors of 14 members.

It provides access to draw games such as Lotto, joker +, Pick 3, Keno, EuroMillions and Vikinglotto and scratch games such as 21, 5000 For Life, Astro, Bingo Express, Bling Bling, Bling Bling Collection, King of Cash, Max and Minou, Poker, Presto, Presto XL, Presto XXL, Quick Cash 20, Quick Cash 50, Subito, Subito XL, Subito XXL, Take Off, Tintin, Win for Life, Win for Life Deluxe, Win for Life Mini, Baraka, Fun for Life, Goal!, Heads or Tails, Loxo, Magic 7, Monopoly, Podium, Sesame, Super 13, and Sea Battle.

The National Lottery has two subsidiaries, namely the Lotto Sports Organization NV and the LNL Services NV.