Best Sunshine (Imperial Pacific) will pick up the remaining two years of Kan Pacific’s lease in Marpi, Saipan where the Mariana Resort & Spa is located. Local news outlet, Marianas Variety reports that Best Sunshine will continue to operate the Mariana Resort for at least a year.

Best Sunshine currently runs a small training center and ‘tempory casino’ in Garapan at the T Galleria shopping center on Beach Rd. and is working on construction of the Grand Mariana Casino & Hotel Resort, also in Garapan which will employ over 3,000 people. The Marpi investment will allow the company to reach its total goal of investing over $7 billion on the island, with the former Mariana Resort location representing the bulk of the investment.

Specific details of the plan, including how much new construction or demolition would occur were met with a request to wait for the RFP (request for proposals). Best Sunshine also declined to answer questions on financial aspects of the deal.

Last month Kan Pacific held a rally which attracted a wide range of supporters as the process at that point looked like they would be railroaded out of their lease. However, according to local media Kan Pacific president Yoshiro Kitami seemed to accept the family business’s fate in Saipan, telling attendees at a news conference through an interpreter, that if the right opportunities were to present themselves Kan Pacific would be, “willing to invest the monies and continue the business here in the CNMI.”  Kitami also relayed his gratitude to the people of the island saying, “Thank you very much CNMI for” [for your support in] “this most difficult time.”

Best Sunshine International, Ltd. CEO Mark Brown is quoted in Marianas Variety as saying, “Today is a great day. A very great day. People ask us—what does this mean for the community? For us, this is a first step of a master plan that will benefit all of the people of the CNMI, and all of the people of Saipan. As we met with the top officials of Kan Pacific, and explained our vision and plan, they became as excited as we are… We need thousands of employees to make our plan come true. Our plan is fully understood by Kan Pacific and they understood this is the best opportunity for everyone involved. Our relationship moving forward will consist of teamwork and understanding. Best Sunshine would love for Kan Pacific to stay. Build a beautiful hotel on this site and continue to promote and push for Japanese tourists to continue to come to Saipan…. Both companies care deeply about the people of Saipan.

“As we go into the future, all will prosper. This is given a reason for not only to stay but it is also another reason for our children to come home,” Brown said.