Innovative live dealer betting games supplier, BetGames.TV, has announced a brand-new poker game, set to provide players with the ultimate immersive gaming experience. Poker6+ is a variation of Poker ‘Hold Em’ and uses the standard poker rules but changed slightly to offer quality interaction for each player.

Details of the Game:

With Poker+6, the game uses a 36 card deck and the lowest card number is six. The interesting dynamic provides a whole new experience to poker gaming. With the alternative version, players can earn more hands and enjoy a one-on-one experience.

Players can place a bet on their own poker hand, the hands of other players or the dealer. With the deck involving a six as the lowest card, players are going to see higher hands more often, which creates an increased chance of winning.

According to a recent press release

COO, Aiste Garneviciene, commented on the new game by stating: “BetGames.TV constantly aims for pleasing the palate of our end-users and consumers as well as increase productivity and gameplay for our clients … and Poker6+ is a new game that brings out all the best elements of Poker and increases interactivity and creates an immersive experience.”

More Changes for Higher Ranking Hands:

With Poker6+, the format allows for more straight, full house and three of a kind hands. Gameplay is fast paced, which creates more excitement as each hand is dealt.  According to Garneviciene, the modern consumer finds themselves in a ‘staid poker environment’ with the same look and gameplay. With this unique approach, consumers of BetGames.TV will never have to settle for mediocrity.