is urging the government of Sweden to think again about proposals being considered to add even more restrictions to the online gambling industry. Restrictions are on the table due to the pandemic and according to the group, it puts the country at risk for long-term consequences including an increase in activity within the black market.

Formal Response:

BonusFinder provided a formal response after consulting the proposals laid out by the government, warning that if stricter measures are introduced, it would lead to a movement of players to unlicensed sites. Consumers of Sweden would be at a greater risk along with legal license holders and the licensed market.

The group identified over 54 unlicensed gambling sites that have targeted Sweden. This is quite a large number when compared to the 65 licensed operators in the country. The research conducted by was done via Google Trends and found that searches were made in the country for unlicensed brands that target Sweden at an increase of over 300% within the past year.

Back in March, it was found that almost one third of online casino players in Sweden are searching for unlicensed casinos. More players are turning to black market brands because of the recent restrictions placed on gaming that were first introduced in January of last year.

According to a recent press release Managing Director, Fintan Costello, commented on the situation by stating: “We understand the Swedish government has put forward its proposals with the best intentions to protect its citizens, but as our research has shown, the existing restrictive measures have resulted in a large number of players turning to unlicensed operators outside of the legal framework and without any protection. Channelisation rates are falling and unlicensed brands are booming.”

Costello pointed out that the site’s message to the government is that they should seriously reconsider the proposals as it would only fuel the existing black market.

Online Wagering Limits:

In Sweden, the government introduced restrictions to be considered back in late April. As the outbreak of the coronavirus continues, the government may limit deposit amounts per week to 5,000 Swedish crowns which equal $495. A similar amount will be set for losses occurring on slot machines.

Bonuses offered by licensed operators will also be limited to 100 crowns at a time. This is being considered to ensure players cannot switch from online gaming site to site to play at high amounts.