In the United Kingdom, the British Esports Association has announced the debut of a new campaign that is designed to celebrate female players while raising awareness and improving inclusivity rates.

The London-headquartered organization used an official Monday press release to detail that its Women in Esports initiative will also seek to promote diversity and assist female eSports aficionados seeking to secure a career within the sport or become a professional gamer.

Promoting partnerships:

The British Esports Association revealed that the new scheme is to be led by its very own Schools and Colleges Liaison Officer, Alice Leaman, with help from its Marketing Manager, Morgan Ashurst, and is to moreover work with similar organizations such as Women of Esports, FemaleLegends and AnyKey to help nurture the United Kingdom’s growing field of female eSports players.

Read a statement from Leaman…

“By celebrating and supporting women in eSports we can help increase awareness of the accessibility and inclusivity of eSports. Competitive video gaming is enjoyed by diverse audiences worldwide and by learning about the different women involved and how many have overcome challenges, we can help support wider British talent to get involved from the grassroots up.”

Intensifying interest:

The British Esports Association used the press release to declare that ‘there is a vast amount of talent in the eSports industry to shout about’ while recent research showed that some 30.4% of viewers are female, which is a figure that had risen by some 6.5% since 2016. But, it stated that ‘there is still plenty of room for growth’ and that its Women in Esports campaign will endeavor to support female devotees and provide a range of balanced advice and expertise.

Ashurst’s statement read…

“It is pinnacle at the British Esports Association that we are providing advice from numerous perspectives. The challenges and experiences I have faced personally are something for other females to be aware of when entering the scene and worthwhile knowledge to pass over to aspiring eSports fanatics.”