Bruce Studer and Matt Rossman have tried unsuccessfully several times to create a casino in Multnomah County Oregon. The two men are now at it again, having secured a land option located near Interstate 84 that they would like to use to offer a gaming venue.

Both Studer and Rossman have secured 33 acres of land and have a five year option on the site, known as the Gresham Transfer, located in the Wood Village area. In a news release, it was announced that the project has the support of Patricia Smith, the Mayor of Wood Village, and the issue would be presented to voters of Oregon, with the approval needed before a private casino could be created.

R&S Strategy Group, the company owned by Rossman and Studer, is not sure as to when they will make an attempt to see the option added to the ballot for voters to decide. The two men tried in 2010 and 2012 for a private casino proposal, being shut down both times. First was an attempt to create a venue at the former Multnomah Greyhound Park and then in Wood Village.

The park is currently being demolished to become an area for hotel construction by the Grand Ronde tribe. The tribe has been a tough opponent for Rossman and Studer’s efforts to create a casino in the area. If voters approve the plans for a casino in Wood Village, it would be the first non-smoking as well as taxpaying casino for the state. The earliest a vote could take place would be 2018.