In Oregon and a pair of property developers have reportedly filed for permission to launch a ballot initiative so as to be able to take a third run at convincing local voters to legalize the western American state’s first non-tribal casino.

According to a Friday report from the Salem Reporter newspaper, Matt Rossman and Bruce Studer lodged their application with the office of Oregon Secretary of State Beverly Clarno (pictured) late last week in hopes of eventually being given permission to bring a commercial casino to a 33-acre parcel of land in the small Portland suburb of Wood Village.

Tribal domination:

The newspaper reported that although Oregon is home to over 20 aboriginal casinos, its constitution currently contains a provision that bans the operation of analogous commercial venues. However, the application from Rossman and Studer, which was filed through the pair’s R&S Strategy Group LLC entity, would purportedly ask voters to eliminate this prohibition and establish a mechanism that could see up to $100 million a year placed in schemes benefitting local school and law enforcement programs.

Third time:

The Salem Reporter explained that the pair failed with similar efforts in 2010 and 2012 that had involved the now-closed Multnomah Greyhound Track but that their latest endeavor concerns an industrial area situated just off Interstate 84 approximately 14 miles east of downtown Portland.

Positive proceeds:

The newspaper reported that Rossman and Studer are touting their latest project as ‘Oregon’s first tax-paying casino’ and detailed that the language of the planned ballot initiative would see 25% of the envisioned venue’s gross gaming revenues sent to the Oregon State Lottery Commission. They purportedly also explained that about half of this amount would be earmarked for educational programs via the Oregon State Lottery Fund with the remainder going to a new scheme for the benefit of Wood Village, the Oregon State Police and the many federally-recognized tribes in ‘The Beaver State’.

Homelessness hope:

Rossman reportedly told local television broadcaster KATU-TV that some of these projected funds could moreover be utilized to help Oregon assist its population of over 14,400 homeless individuals.

Rossman reportedly declared…

“It is projected that the tax-paying casino will generate $100 million every year for homelessness programs and Oregon schools.”

Mayoral backing:

Wood Green Mayor Scott Harden reportedly told the broadcaster that he is supportive of the ballot initiative as a commercial casino could help his state to reduce homelessness and bring in extra resources for vital public programs.

Harden reportedly told KATU-TV…

“I support this project. We look forward to working with Matt and Bruce for approval of a tax-paying casino that will strengthen our communities by providing much needed permanent funding for homelessness solutions. The new major beneficiary of the dollars will be our homelessness efforts. I think in a lot of people’s mind this would get them to think. It might be the tipping point for a lot of voters. If you have a tax-paying casino that is popular, that people go to, then you are looking at permanent funding for permanent solutions to the homeless crisis.”