After months of back and forth on Twitter, poker pros Cate Hall and Mike Dentale finally completed their grudge match with Hall earning the victory. On March 19th, Hall and Dentale took to the felt at the SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia to compete in heads-up play to see who could earn the win. The two were set to play three matches and the player to earn two individual wins would be the overall winner. A third match would never take place as Hall would earn victories in the first and second match, dominating the matchup.

When game play began, Hall would quickly have an advantage. She would win the first round when Dentale would go all-in with Qs 5d. Hall would call holding Ad 9h and the board ran 3s 9s 5c 4s Jd. Hall would win with the higher pair and start out the grudge match 1 to 0.

As he was losing, Dentale began to be vocal at the table, much like he was on social media. He continued to try and get into Hall’s head, challenging her in a number of ways. Yet, Hall remained cool and collected, staying silent for the majority of the matchup. Eventually, being behind would began to get to Dentale and he would go all-in yet again, this time with a pair of aces.

On the final hand, Dentale’s Ac 2s would not hold up to Hall’s pocket kings as the board ran As 5s Kd 8h Kh, giving Hall quads and Dentale the loss. While Dentale was not a gracious loser, Hall was happy with the win, proving her skill and earning $30,000 for her efforts.

The entire grudge match took place due to a feud between Hall and Dentale that started back in December. Hall took to Twitter to talk about her game play during the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic and Dentale ended up calling her ‘clueless’ and the two would go back and forth for some time before the showdown would take place this past week.

Dan Blizerian would even become involved, taking to his Twitter account to say that he knew nothing about who Hall was facing but he would bet against her because she is a woman and women can’t play poker. Wonder what Blizerian has to say now that Hall earned a shutout win in the heads-up matchup, proving that she in fact can play the game.