New York Supreme Court Judge dismissed lawsuit that was supposed to derail plans for a $425 million hotel and casino resort in Tyre, Seneca Country. The lawsuit was filed back in March by Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack, a racetrack that believes this new gambling facility might have a negative effect on other nearby gaming establishments.

Nevertheless, the Judge James Ferreira came to a conclusion that Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack doesn’t have a case and noted that all New York gambling properties that surround the newly planned casino resort were located no more than 75 miles away from the Lago Resort & Casino. Additionally, the Judge pointed out that any potential negative effects the resort might have were in a no way related to the Gaming Facility Location Board. Thus, whether the New York Gaming Commission will decide to back the Tyre casino proposal or not was not relevant to the Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack lawsuit.

The proposed location of the Lago Resort & Casino is only 27 miles away from the racetrack. Furthermore, in the nearby area there are two more racetracks and one tribal casino. Therefore, the reaction of the gaming establishment comes as no surprise, taken into account that a new facility will introduce yet another competitor on the scene. Nevertheless, their lawsuit is now history and Lago Resort & Casino can put this lawsuit behind them.

The owner of the newly proposed casino, Thomas Wilmot, expressed his delight after finding out the court’s decision. In a statement, Wilmot revealed that the main purpose of his company is to establish a “world-class destination resort” which would attract new visitors to the area.

However, this latest challenge wasn’t the only one for the luxurious resort that is expected to employ 2,000 people and create 1,200 construction jobs. Only last month an appeals court decided that the environmental review of the casino wasn’t stating the possible impact the facility might have on the local environment clearly enough. Furthermore, Lago Resorts & Casino is still waiting to get its license by the New York Gaming Commission.