After launching in December of last year, the All Japan Poker Championship (AJPC) Asian Circuit has seen significant growth. The Chief Executive of AJPC Inc, Yasuhiro Sasaki, stated this week that an increase has been seen in registrations for the AJPC as the Asian Circuit organizes events outside of Japan.

According to GGRASIA, since launching the AJPC Asian Circuit, Sasaki stated that event registrations have increased over 1.5 times. The circuit is being attended by players from Japan as well as Taiwan, mainland China and other areas of Asia. Sasaki stated in a press release that the goal of the circuit is to see the series continue to grow in Asia and locations are currently being scouted for tournaments to be offered overseas this year and beyond.

The most recent AJPC poker event was hosted in Incheon at Paradise City last month. Taking place from the 18th of May until the 27th, the event saw 1,149 players competing. The tournament was the longest the AJPC Asian Circuit had ever hosted, lasting 10 days. This event was announced back in January as part of the AJPC’s goal to expand overseas. The group now has planned events to take place in Taiwan and Macau along with areas of Southeast Asia.

Next week, the AJPC Asian Circuit heads to Taiwan to New Taipei City where the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Club will be hosting an event on June 14th. This will be the first event to take place involving the recent partnership between the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association of Taiwan and the AJPC.