ChipSplit affiliate program, who operates for Carbon Poker, Carbon Sports, and Carbon Casino has closed the door on affiliates.  While they have stated they will continue to operate and pay affiliates for referrals they have made in the past, it is no doubt a major blow to the poker affiliate industry.  The announcement made so closely after PokerStars closed up shop for affiliates has some wondering if this is a new trend that will see many affiliates bite the big one.

While its admirable that they will pay for historic players referred, its a shame considering these poker programs were built on the backs of affiliates and their websites.  They thanked affiliates, and slammed the door.  (how about a bottle of wine?!!)

Poker affiliates are now waiting for the next big program to promote.  A big opportunity is waiting for the next poker giant to fill the void.  Rest assured there will be many rooting for the new comer and ready to promote them and remove PokerStars and Carbon from the ranks.