Scientific Games has agreed a contract extension with the Colorado Lottery, providing an opportunity to expand their work together and bring “operational efficiencies” to the Lottery and its retailers.

The new collaboration will see the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) member advance its nearly 40-year-old scratch game business via the Scientific Games Enhanced Partnership (SGEP) program, which, citing La Fleur’s 2022 World Lottery Almanac, is used by 7 of the Top 10 performing instant lotteries around the globe.

Extension Benefits:

According to the recent announcement, the move is part of an “overall responsible growth plan to drive maximum contributions” to the western U.S. state‘s parks, trails, pools, open spaces, and schools. The new contract will also reportedly see the creation of in-state jobs for a new office to be located near Colorado Lottery’s Lakewood headquarters.

“This is an exciting opportunity for the Colorado Lottery and Scientific Games teams to expand our work together to entertain players and benefit environmental and education programs in the state,” read a statement in a media release from John Schulz, President, Americas and Global Instant Products for Scientific Games.

The contract extension will also see 500 units of Scientific Games’ innovative SCiQ retail technology delivered to select Colorado Lottery vendors, providing both with “unprecedented, real-time visibility and control of instant game inventory in individual stores.”

Furthermore, SCiQ will “significantly streamline” retailers’ accounting and operational procedures for the Scratch games product. In the same vein, Schultz said the company is looking forward to taking their “collaborative efforts to the next level” via the SGEP partnership that includes their SCiQ technology.

Longstanding Partnership:

Scientific Games has been providing the Colorado Lottery’s Scratch games for nearly four decades, with the first drawing taking place on April 23, 1983. And now, thanks to the SGEP program, the Lottery will leverage “world-leading instant game design and portfolio management services,” while also benefitting from “technology-driven analytics and insights, game manufacturing, advanced logistics, marketing, sales support and licensed brand services.”

Also commenting on the new agreement, Tom Seaver, Director of the Colorado Lottery, explained that they are focused on “responsibly growing” their Scratch game product category “for the enjoyment of Colorado players” and to maximize their returns to “good cause programs” in the state.

“This contract extension with Scientific Games will bring operational efficiencies to the Lottery and our retailers.” Seaver has more than 30 years of leadership experience in the lottery industry.”

Lottery Prowess:

Citing trade lottery publication, La Fleur’s 2022 World Lottery Almanac, seven of the Top 1o best performing instant game providers across the globe use the SGEP program, as mentioned earlier. And it reportedly outperforms weekly per capita retail sales by 40 percent over U.S. lotteries not powered by the program.

Earlier this year, the Scientific Games Lottery group became a stand-alone company, with the company’s Gaming and iGaming groups rebranding as Light & Wonder. Generating in excess of 70 percent of instant game retail sales in the world, the company provides digital and retail games, tech and services to 130 lotteries in 50 countries across the globe, including the lion’s share of North American lottery.