Gamblers visiting the MotorCity Casino in Detroit, Michigan had to wait several hours after earning wins at the venue due to a computer glitch. The glitch caused the paper ticket which listed money earned to be trapped inside the machine and players were unable to receive tickets for the payout.

Officials of the casino have stated that the problem involved the ticket out system. Gamblers were unable to print their cash ticket which shows the amount won and is provided to the cashier for payment. The problem occurred around 12 a.m. on Friday with players told to remain at their slot machines until workers were able to provide a payout instead of the tickets that should have printed out of the machines.

Players had to wait some time before receiving a payout due to the machine glitch. It took until around 6 a.m. before the problem was corrected and game play could get back to normal. The first floor was actually shut down after the problem was discovered to avoid any other issues, but has since been reopened.

Officials are currently looking into the issue behind the glitch.