The Confederated Tribe of Coos, Siuslaw Indians, and Lower Umpqua have built a class II gaming facility in Coos Bay, Oregon. Construction on the 15,000 square foot facility is done. Inside are 250 new games and over $600,000 worth of security equipment. The casino is targeting mostly local clientele setting the décor and games to local preferences and tastes. The facility is located at 1297 Ocean Boulevard in Coos Bay. The casino is set to open Thursday May 7, 2015 at 1 pm. A small opening ceremony will take place.

The project was $15 million plus the $600,000 for the security equipment according to Bob Garcia, the former tribal council chair.

He told media, “We were trying to do a locals casino. There is an example in the way things are done and that would be Station Casinos in the Las Vegas Market. Station Casino is for all the people that work in the other casinos. We want a comfortable place for people to come after work.”

The casino has a restaurant and bar called Café 1297, which will have the same mindset as the rest of the space. The menu will be determined by guests’ tastes after a while.

They want to have a “Cheers” neighborhood bar ensuring that locals come to their casino and bar rather than going to Portland. There is competition from local venues, but studies show the venture can be supported. The casino is providing 90 full time jobs with at least 110 total employees. These employees are finishing their training at the Three Rivers Casino and Hotel in Florence two days before opening.