On Tuesday, April 11th, 2023 the mobile sportsbook provider that is headquartered in Maryland, Crab Sports, formally announced that they have recently decided on Intelitics in order to power their user acquisition in the state of Maryland. The sportsbook operator intends to utilize this newly formed partnership to increase new user acquisition at scale from the day it launches and ultimately goes live.

The Partnership between Intelitics & Crab Sports

This new partnership will continuously enable Crab Sports to take advantage of and use Intelitics’ data – driven, cutting – edge platform, as well as their supreme product suite in order to administer all affiliate and paid media activity for their mobile sportsbook. That sports bookmaker is currently scheduled to launch to the public in the state of Maryland sometime during the 2nd – quarter of 2023 so it should be relatively soon.

This sportsbook provider has previously built – up a large network of partnerships in which they will work diligently from their launch date in order to promote brand awareness as well as construct a huge and loyal user base in quite a cost – effective manner.

Some of the major aspects of the Intelitics sports betting platform involve real – time campaign monitoring and player tracking, and insight – driven reporting and personalized dashboards, that all function in real – time and they all operate under a single platform to ensure easier management.

Crab Sports

This new partnership will enable Crab Sports’ marketing affiliates with admittance to the real – time data and analytics, in addition to their flexible pixel tracking that allows them to competently operate and manage their own campaigns as well as oversee their efficiency in a fast and simple fashion.

Crab Sports will be utilizing the state – of – the – art GiG platform in order to operate their online and mobile sportsbook in the state of Maryland. Intelitics and GiG have their own calculated partnership in place so that they can provide their operating partners with direct access to integrate into the Intelitics system.

Crab Sports presently has the mission to offer their consumers in Maryland with a faithfully local mobile sports wagering overall experience. This should be achieved through distinctive branding, partnerships with other successful local businesses, and all management and operations occurring within the state of Maryland to assure their end – users ultimately get the best possible mobile sports gambling experience.

Media Statements

The Vice President of Sales and Growth at Intelitics, Allan Petrilli, stated, “We are excited to be supporting Crab Sports and helping the operator unlock profitable segments of traffic that partnerships, affiliates and paid media bring. Local brands can enjoy tremendous success in the markets they are born from, especially those that take a data – driven approach to customer acquisition. Crab Sports has what it takes to hit the ground running in Maryland and we are proud to be playing a part in its journey.”

The CEO and Co – Founder of Crab Sports, Derek Baker, explained, “As a data – driven company, we are focused on tracking the performance of our growing database of partnerships in the state of Maryland and our leadership team felt that Intelitics was absolutely the right partner to help us do this. The prowess of its platform is second to none and it is incredibly easy to use, allowing our team to maximize its potential from day one.”