The illegal gambling scene is expanding in the Philippines. The authorities are fighting against that with all possible weapons, and the last was a warning that was issued by the Philippine gaming regulator. 

The fight against unauthorized gambling in the Philippines:

The warning was announced to help in fighting unauthorized gambling in the country. The regulator stated that everyone who tried to participate in such events would be punished by Philippine law. 

This warning came as the consequence of the notice that had recently been issued by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp (Pagcor). As Pagcor stated, illegal online betting operations are in expansion in the Philippines, as well as other illegal gambling activities. In the recent period, Pagcor often receives reports that claim that illegal gambling is in expansion, which is definitely a strong reason to be worried about.

Pagcor talked about the issue in a notice that was published on Wednesday: “Besides being an offense, such also exposes one to the dangers of being victimized by unscrupulous groups.”

Pagcor is one of the main advocates when it comes to the rights of the gaming industry in the country. However, they support gaming, even responsible gaming, only if it happens in regulated circumstances and online gaming operations.

POGOs may be shut down this year:

As much as Pagcor fights against illegal gambling, one of the lawmakers from the Philippines tries to shut down one of the sectors of online gaming providers that were licensed by Pagcor. That sector, called Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs), may be closed this year if the lawmaker’s efforts prove successful. Their main duty is to provide overseas clients with gaming content and services.

Sherwin Gatchalian, a Senator, thinks that the POGO sector has a huge influence on the rapidly expanding illegal gambling in the country and that it impacts the Philippines’ law enforcement agencies as well.

Andrea Domingo, the chairman of Pagcor, prioritized the online gaming industry in the country, which led to many irregularities

At the end of the last month, Pagcor emphasized its willingness to keep the integrity of the industry at the highest level, which includes offshore gaming as well. 

Pagcor also put an end to the contract with a third-party auditor in March. The same auditor was the main reason why POGOs were audited in the first place. Pagcor claimed that the same service provider was the one who wasn’t carefully fulfilling its obligations and “has committed unlawful acts.”