Cripple Creek is a gambling town located west of the Colorado Springs area that is short on guest space. Gamblers can visit several venues to enjoy casino gambling but guest rooms for hotel stays are lacking in the area. Currently, four casino operators in Cripple Creek are planning to build hotels over the new few years which essentially would double the number of guest rooms available.

The lodging shortage will be tackled by Century Casinos Inc., Triple Crown Casinos Inc., Full House Resorts Inc., and American Gaming Group LLC, according to the Each casino operating group are planning on adding guest rooms to help with the overnight shortage. The twelve casinos in the area only offer 450 guest rooms. Such rooms would be used for casino gamblers but also by those who visit the town to see the historic mining attractions.

The 450 guest rooms that are available have an occupancy rate of over 90%, which clearly shows that more hotel space is needed. The Director of Marketing and Special Events for Cripple Creek, Steve Kitzman, stated that the shortage of guest rooms limits the number of people who can come and stay in the area. With more hotels, Cripple Creek will be able to attract and retain more visitors for longer and the quality of rooms will also go up.

According to Kitzman, the hotels will offer more amenities on the new properties. This will bring new attractions for visitors to create a better overall guest experience. The new hotels will play a big part and will help to increase visitor spending. The casino industry of Cripple Creek continues to do well with the hotel plans only to increase gaming revenues as players will be able to stay for longer periods of time. so far this year, the 12 casinos in Cripple Creek have been able to see an increase of gaming revenues by 3.3% for the first half of 2016.

Each of the gaming groups have their own plans for what type of hotels will be created. Century Casinos plans on converting and expanding the Palace Hotel, which is a boutique hotel located near the Century Casino & Hotel that has remained vacant for years.

Triple Crown Casinos plans on building a high quality hotel with 100 to 150 guest rooms including a conference area. The hotel will be created at a site on Masonic Avenue or behind the Brass Ass Casino. American Gaming Group LLC has plans to create a three story hotel with 100 guest rooms behind the Wildwood Casino. Full House will be creating a hotel next to their gaming facility, Bronco Billy’s. The hotel will have 100 to 200 guest rooms.