The Cyprus Gaming Show will be held 20 – 21 September at the Hilton Cyprus in Nicosia. Event organizer Eventus International is reporting strong numbers of attendees registering for the inaugural event. This will be the first gambling industry conference to be held in Cyprus and will present content for land based and online delegates.

Yudi Soetjiptadi of Eventus commented on the positive response so far: “Judging by current booking patterns, we are likely to receive more attendees for the first event, than what was expected.”

The Cyprus Gaming Show will feature a well-balanced lineup of industry veterans and other expert speakers from both sectors; gaming operators, regulators, software providers, suppliers, and third parties, as well as investors from Cyprus, the wider Mediterranean region, and abroad.

The event will give industry participants the ability to network with their peers and others involved in the sphere in order to capitalize on new opportunities in the Cyprus gaming market. There are new audiences to discover and valuable insights are available into recent and upcoming developments in the gambling industry there.

Eventus International expects the gravity of the event will be increased by representatives of the Cyprus government, adding their weight to a lineup already heavy with important industry experts, speakers, and delegates from around the globe.

Soetjiptadi stated further: “We really cannot ask for a better response to our first event in Cyprus. The support from industry, regulators, and Cyprus has been nothing but positive. All of this in a beautiful setting – very little more an event organizer can ask for.”

For more information or to register for the event to be held at the Hilton Cyprus in Nicosia next Wednesday and Thursday, please visit