The Ministry of Finance in the Czech Republic announced this week the launch of a new exclusion register. The new register will allow players to block themselves from gambling services if they are located in the country and wish to do so. The pilot scheme of the register will start today, and players will be able to sign up as soon as it goes live. Exclusion includes the land-based and online gambling industry.

Details of the Program

Operators that are licensed in the country must join the program and start blocking access immediately once the pilot portion ends on December 20. Operators will need to confirm that a player that wishes to access gambling has signed up within the register. If a player is listed on the register, then they should not be allowed to sign up or play.

Players can sign up voluntarily for the program or can be added to the register if they are being treated for a gambling problem. A third party can sign an individual up when they are receiving problem gambling treatment, have declared bankruptcy, or are receiving welfare from the state.

Czech Minister of Finance Alena Schillerová commented on the new register by stating that it will no longer be possible for money paid in benefits to be used in gaming machines. The launch of the new program will exclude pathological gamblers and vulnerable groups from being tempted with hard gambling.

Continued Work on Problem Gambling

The new register is the second step in a three-step process that the Czech Republic is using to take on problem gambling. In June, the Analytical Module of the Gambling Information System was launched. This new system gathers gaming and financial information via gaming operators and uses that info to support a regulatory strategy in the gaming market.

With the third phase of the process, the Ministry of Finance will work with public administration groups to create internal protocols to work on issues related to gambling in the future.