After just reopening in May due to the coronavirus closure, the casinos located in South Mississippi have been forced to shut down again. Hurricane Sally is heading towards the coastline and to keep employees and patrons safe, the venues must be closed. On Monday, the Mississippi Gaming Commission ordered all 12 casinos to close by 4 pm.

Hurricane is Coming

Hurricane Sally is set to make landfall by Wednesday. In some locations, up to 24 inches of rain are possible. The storm surge will be life-threatening to those located on the coast and along with it will be large portions of rain. Most areas should receive 8 to 16 inches.

The storm will actually make landfall where eight of the casinos are located in Biloxi. Casinos in the path include the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino as well as the IP Casino Resort Spa, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi plus the Foxwoods Resort Casino at Biloxi Pointe.

By early Monday morning, the road that leads to the Silver Slipper Casino was starting to flood.

Returning to Normal

It is unclear as to when the casinos will be allowed to reopen. It will depend on several factors including the damage caused by the storm as well as how long the hurricane lasts over land. If major damage occurs, the casinos may need time to clean-up their properties as well as restore power and cover other issues that may be caused due to the storm damage.

We should have a better idea of the impact as of today and tomorrow.