Sportsbook and lottery pricing, data and software technologies supplier Sporting Solutions has announced the signing of a deal to provide Danish operator Danske Spil A/S with its Risk Management Services (RMS) modular innovation.

The business-to-business subsidiary of sportsbetting technologies firm Sporting Group, Sporting Solutions stated that its RMS solution covers trading, back-office, pricing and risk management operations. The agreement will also see it supply Danske Spil A/S with trading software that will enable the lottery operator to ‘focus resource on the provision of differentiated local content to enhance its market-leading brand proposition’.

Sporting Solutions explained that its RMS innovation utilizes an in-house risk management model and has been designed to be ‘agnostic to the existing technology stack’ by complementing existing platforms and bet engines. It declared that the solution moreover improves business processes by removing the expensive and technically challenging ‘switching risks’ often associated with relocating platforms.

Simon Trim, Chief Executive Officer for London-based Sporting Group, stated that he is ‘proud’ to have inked the RMS deal with Danske Spil A/S, which he described as a long-recognized ‘market leader and one of the most progressive lottery operators in the world’. He declared that his firm’s innovation will allow the Danish provider to concentrate resources ‘on offering differentiated [and] bespoke content for its customer base’ and additionally improve its offerings via a ‘bespoke risk management service and a business process outsourcing proposition unique to the marketplace’.

“We’ve transformed risk management from an art to a science by developing methodology based on statistical analysis, expert trader insights and predictive market movements,” read a statement from Trim.

For his part, Niels Erik Folmann, Chief Executive Officer for Danske Spil A/S, proclaimed that his firm is ‘constantly looking for solutions to strengthen our product and operations’ while utilizing the RMS innovation will allow the operator to ‘strengthen’ its operation and ‘focus on areas where we can differentiate ourselves positively in our local market’.

“The combination of risk management, flexible trading tools and back-end operations is unique to the industry and we’re really excited about the potential of RMS to further strengthen our business and unique position in the Danish market,” read a statement from Folmann.