With 2016 being an election year, the Hard Rock Casino Sioux City decided to add two new politically correct slot machines to the gaming floor. Players will now be able to enjoy slot gaming based on the democratic process. The unique voting-themed slot games come complete with stars and stripes from the American flag and provide a fun entertainment option, hopefully one that produces a win!

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City has unveiled the new slot games to encourage citizens to be responsible and vote. Todd Moyer, the General Manager of the Casino, stated that the Hard Rock wants to encourage progress by encouraging progress. The casino loves all political parties, whether individuals are democrats, republicans or independents, everyone is in this together. The casino encourages individuals to step up and exercise the American right to vote.

The new voting-themed slot machines are located on the gaming floor right next to the Rock Shop and are in full swing as the election year has just begun. Players can pull the handle of the gaming machine and cast a vote to hopefully win a $6,000 jackpot prize. Line up three matching campaign icons to be able to hit the top jackpot.